the 514esports big 3



The 514 Media Network is a 24 hour a day collection of all 514 content. Including:

  • LIVE pro athlete & celebrity gaming streams.
  • LIVE pro sports team's weekly gaming streams.
  • 514 original content / webseries
  • All content coming from the 514 Streaming Suite @ the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.
  • LIVE special events; inlcluding 514's UNDERground Celeb Gaming Nights, Celebrity Charity Stream-o-thons, etc.
  • The pastorG LIVE stream.



The 514 Fan Experience Platform is our fundraising platform that offers once-in-a-lifetime gaming infused experiences & merch while  supporting some amazing charities!    

Few examples of experiences: 

  • Win  an experience to train, travel and hang out with one of the top eSports  teams as they go for the win in a major eSports competition!
  • Have one of the top streamers come to your house, bring some pizza and be a special guest on your stream! 
  • Win the opp to knock on the door of one the NFL's best players and not only game with him straight from his home but order in some food, veg and get up the next day to watch a private practice straight from the team's practice facility! 
  • Win the chance to fly out to Vegas on a private jet to game with a celebrity straight from the 514 Streamers Suite!



The PROJECT brings gaming, and all the opportunities the space comes with,  straight to the "projects."  We meet the underprivileged  where they are...their home. Each Project (low income housing project) we select, we will completely renovate 1-2 units to create a state of  the art gaming suite / production studio!  Then give all who are interested the understanding, resources and help to get to where they  want to be in gaming!

The gaming space is open to anyone but that doesn't mean everyone can necessarily be involved. We change that. One project at a time!