At CHURCH, our gamers & viewers WAKE UP & COME ALIVE!

The Gaming industry is growing at a staggering pace, especially on the LIVE eSports event and streaming side.  Gamers are playing more, going to more live events AND watching a ton more LIVE gaming streams on Twitch and YouTube. And it's just the beginning. CHURCH takes the same approach as Jesus did us;  meeting us where we are.  We are not asking anyone to come to us to hear a message, we are going straight to where those in the gaming community are;  at live eSports events AND stright to their home LIVE via Twitch and YouTube.  And best part is...we are not changing how LIVE eSports events are played, or viewed, and not at all changing how LIVE streams are produced; we are just adding a relatable message while we game.

CHURCH PRO ATHLETE / CELEBRITY / INFLUENCERS:  CHURCH is not only endorsed, but helped pushed by Professional Athletes, Celebrities and some of the best in gaming who share the same Christian faith and desire to share that with others. Our influencers / streamers will be hosting their own streams straight from CHURCH events and our athletes, celebs and influencers will help host the events, and of course play in the events. We are one TEAM who are looking to use our platform and love for gaming to share our faith; all in a fun way by just adding to, not changing how things in the gaming space are done! 

CHURCH MESSAGES:  The Message infused during our eSports events will be subtle yet impactful, and all going on as the gaming does. Our messages will be lead by pastorG, the founder of CHURCH and 514eSports, as well as our pro athletes, celebs and influencers. We will also be bringing in the top pastors from around the world to speak...and will be choosing only the ones we know our viewers / audience will relate to and "hear."  

CHURCH EVENTS STRAIGHT FROM CHURCHES:  If you haven't been to a newer Church, the bigger Churches are already setup exactly how eSports arenas are being built now from the ground up. Our Churches have the stage, the seating, the lights, the sound the production, the big screens and the production quality LIVE feed setup already in place and READY for us. We are just using Jesus's house for a few hours to game, and spread the message to all; in person and watching LIVE!

CHURCH'S Lead Pastor: pastorG

pastorG is the founder and lead pastor of CHURCH. He has been in the gaming space for over 11 years. He founded and continues to run two gaming companies; 514eSports and Joint Forces Initiative. 

You get to know him and you'll see he's not here to preach; he's here just to share his story, and the message of his friends (pro athletes, celebs and influencers) in a big "gamer" way.

Get to know pastorG


If you're a Church who wants to hear more about how we can bring CHURCH to your location, a Pastor interested in speaking at our events or a streamer, gamer, athlete or celebrity  who wants to be involved, just reach out!