THE 514 logo

The story behind the 514 logo.

514 started with a typical corporate logo. But like all in life,  there's times you have to sit back to realize who you are, then stop  being afraid of being REAL and just be it. If you;re not real who are  you? If a company is not real and true to themselves they are just  that...a company. 514 is more then that. We are a company who is true to  life. Our logo comes from a real life story. A story of a missed  opportunity to serve, and a missed opportunity to just stop for a second and share some love. We lived it, looked back at it and now moving  forward with that lesson learned and the REAL 514 out and ready to showcase to the world!

The Man On The Bench.

I  (Greg) drive by this one man who "lives on the bench" at least 3 times a  day. He is obviously homeless; actually "lives on the bench." If his  daily presence on the bench wasn't enough to make him stand out to all  driving by, his bright tye-dye t-shirt, huge orange lens Oakley lookin'  shades and beard would. It was like he was a character out of a  movie!!  And to top it off every time I pass him, it almost seemed like he was staring right at me (with those shades on he could have been sleeping sure, but I'm almost positive he was staring straight at me). I  serve, I teach our kids to serve and it's just a huge part of my  family...and I felt the pull that I needed to at least talk to him; to  hear his story. So I told myself I would. Every day when I was coming up  to him I told myself "ok,  I need to today." And everyday I passed, the thought "he has been  there for 6 months, he will be there tomorrow, I'll hang with him  tomorrow" would play in my head. One day came where I was almost to him and said again to  myself "ok today I will for sure, no excuses." I turned the corner and...the bench was empty.

I  missed an opportunity to help; to just sit down and maybe get to know  someone. I missed the opportunity to show someone some love. I missed an  opportunity that could have brought a smile, or even just a sense of  "someone cares" to someone who may have needed it. I missed out on an  opportunity that was right in front of me...starring straight into my eyes.

We are given opportunities. Some if  missed may come back for us to take, and some will be missed forever.  This gaming world has huge opportunities. Not just in taking first place  or making a million by building a successful team or gaming  company...but by seizing the opportunities that are right in front of  our faces because of it. Don't miss out on the amazing opportunities starring you right in the face.